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Ballarat’s new home for performance is coming soon.

The Big Questions


We’re here to establish and operate a dedicated performing arts venue.
We’ll begin by activating existing spaces for short seasons, and work towards building a permanent home.


There is some incredible talent in Ballarat, but the city is missing a medium (150-200 seats) venue to showcase it.
Spark Theatre will be a home for local talent, a platform for Ballarat’s stories and voices, and a venue we can all be proud of.
We’ll also play host to the fantastic touring productions that currently skip over our town due to unsuitable existing venues.


Click here to meet our incredible committee of performing arts professionals.


We’ll be presenting a range of shows and events in the coming months, and we’ll move in to a permanent home once the right space becomes available and viable.


The engine of Spark Theatre is currently running on passion and good-will, but we’ll need a lot more than that in order to achieve our vision.


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