About Us


Why “Spark” Theatre?

Everyone has a spark – something that makes them light up inside.
For us, it’s live entertainment and the performing arts.

It can also be the spark of creativity and new ideas, or the spark of connection between people.

Spark Theatre will be the perfect place for the new and exciting, for community connection, and a home for creativity and culture in Ballarat.


Phase 1

We’re planning some exciting events for the next few months, to raise awareness, funds, and to get people excited – a short season of shows, some industry networking nights, and a big launch party, naturally!

Phase 2

Secure a building to become a permanent home – ideally in or near the CBD, seating around 200 patrons in a flexible venue.

Present shows all year round.

Phase 3

Develop the local performing arts industry.

Develop shows for touring.

Create community outreach programs.


Accessible and welcoming to all people.

Environmentally friendly and carbon neutral.

The aim is to build a place that will outlast its creators. The community that forms within it will sustain it for a very long time.

What Shows Can We Expect?

We will present a wide range of performance, from the main-stays of comedy, cabaret and theatre, to anything else we can fit in our venue:

Music, dance, circus, talks, podcasts, game shows, debates, rap battles, slam poetry, burlesque and more!

What would YOU like to see?

Where Can We Find Spark?

Until we find a building to call home, you’ll see us popping up all over Ballarat in 2022.

In January, we will be managing a Summer Pop-Up in Alfred Deakin Place for the City of Ballarat.

A New Venue In The Ballarat CBD!

Situated in Ballarat’s city centre, and presenting entertainment at least 4 nights a week (and some daytime shows), Spark Theatre will cater to audiences from all over the region, and provide a drawcard in the city.

People will stay longer, enjoying local restaurants and bars, and adding to the vibrancy of the city.

What Will It Be Like Inside?

Theatre style or cabaret style seating will be offered depending on the show, and of course we’ll have our own bar in the venue to keep you hydrated!

Shows will be listed on this website and tickets will be available for purchase online.

What Comes Next?

We’re on the hunt for the perfect building – an open-span space in or near the CBD. It needs to have a large area for performance, and another for a foyer/bar.

If you know of a suitable space, please let us know!

Excited yet?

We have big dreams, and we know Ballarat is overdue for an independent,  dedicated performing arts venue of this size.
We’re already hard at work, and we’d love your support. There are many ways to get involved and assist us – find out more here!